Tennis court hybrid clay surface MatchClay

A new high-quality solution for players and tennis clubs who prefer to play on clay – the hybrid clay surface MatchClay.

MatchClay is a hybrid clay tennis court surface. The special membrane, needlepunch-type carpeting, is filled with natural clay. The result is a hybrid clay court with an even surface, similar in play characteristics to natural clay. The lifespan of such a court is significantly longer, and the maintenance costs provide considerable savings. MatchClay carpeting’s unique “arrow-shaped” pattern binds the filler material (clay) well and provides steady ball bounce and speed.

Tenniskentän hybridisavi-hiekkapinnoite MatchClay
MatchClay membrane-carpeting

The load-bearing part of the MatchClay tennis court structure is the water-permeable (draining asphalt) base. Such a court will not sink, rise or become uneven during the winter.

Thanks to the water-permeable construction, the court can be used immediately after rainfall and requires significantly less maintenance throughout the season than a natural court. A tennis court with a MatchClay surface does not require the capital reconstruction every spring that a natural clay court in a northern climate needs.

MatchClay is very well suited to northern climates.

Hybrid clay court surface MatchClay is produced in 4 m wide rolls. 4 m wide rolls have the advantage of a minimum number of joints (only 3 joints) per playing area. A special natural red clay is suitable as a filler. The court lines are marked with a particular white line marker. The MatchClay color is red, and the lines are white. MatchClay irrigation is necessary in dry periods – as for a traditional clay court.

What kind of courts is hybrid clay court surface MatchClay suitable for?

– For the construction of new tennis courts. For the installation of the MatchClay surface, a base of draining asphalt must be laid;

New hybrid clay courts constructed by Unigrass in Paide (Estonia)
New hybrid clay courts constructed by Unigrass in Paide (Estonia)

– For the reconstruction of old classic clay courts. The existing layer of clay is removed. The lower layers of the court construction can be used when building a base of draining asphalt, if suitable;

Old classic clay courts reconstructed by Unigrass in Nõmme (Estonia)
Old classic clay courts reconstructed by Unigrass in Nõmme (Estonia)

– For the renovation and reconstruction of hard court tennis courts. In this case, however, the condition of the existing court must be assessed beforehand. If the state of the court surface is suitable, hybrid clay surface MatchClay can be installed directly on the hard surface, and no new base structure is required;

Reconstructed hard courts by Unigrass in Tondiraba (Estonia)
Reconstructed hard courts by Unigrass in Tondiraba (Estonia)

How to maintain a hybrid clay tennis court?
– the court shall be brushed over each time the players change, at least once a day, to ensure an even distribution of clay on the court and to plan the clay that has moved to the edges of the court back to the center of the playing area. For this purpose, the same maintenance tools (a mesh mat or a brush) used for a natural clay court are suitable;

– in case of frequent use of the court or at the players’ request, a thin layer of clay may be added.;

– it is not advisable to add clay during the autumn-winter period. The carpeting should be slightly coated with a layer of clay (approx. 1mm);

– in the spring, before the start of the new season, the court surface must be cleaned, and, if necessary, new filling material (clay) must be added, at the cost of approx. 500kg per court;

Why choose MatchClay? Advantages of MatchClay:

– Playing characteristics of a classic clay court;

– Compared to a natural clay court, the water-permeable construction allows for significantly more possibilities of use – the court dries quickly and can be used soon after a rainfall;

– Relatively low need for ongoing maintenance, needs watering in dry periods;

– Well suited for the reconstruction of hard-court surfaced playgrounds and older clay courts;

– Well suited to northern climates;

– ITF Court Surface Category 1 (slow);

Unigrass recommends: MatchClay is the first choice for all clay court fans!

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